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About the Author

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In addition to her profession as an author, Sharon R. Burks is a proud mother of two magnificent young women and is now retired from a career in nursing. A native of Southern California, she loves the beauty of the sunsets over the ocean, the warmth of an evening on the beach, and the serenity of the mountains. Now living in Texas, she also gets to enjoy the rich landscapes and abundant wildlife that come with country-living.

​Sharon is a lover of reading as well as writing, and is a fan of medieval lore, suspense, romance, and mythology. She writes the characters and stories that she feels want to be written; and these can include people of all races and relationships, and stories of many genres. In her books you may find elements of humor, horror, suspense, or even magic. She truly enjoys bringing her stories to life and encourages others to explore their artistic passions as well.

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